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The Holland Museum hopes to represent every local family with a meaningful artifact from their past. When you donate an item to the Holland Museum collection, you further that mission. Your family's generosity helps ensure our museum shares the region's complete history as well as the inspiring people who have settled and enriched the area. Shape the region's future by educating citizens and students on all the ways Holland has grown. Contact Rick Jenkins to discuss your gift.

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Your monetary donations to the museum go straight to operating and programming costs. When you give to the Holland Museum, you help us design imaginative interactive exhibits, secure well-regarded national collections on tour and create compelling events with panelists and speakers from an international stage. We accept donations online through our secured PayPal account for the Holland Historical Trust. Thank you for your willingness to weave the story of tomorrow with a rich experience of the past.

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The Holland Museum docents are well-regarded throughout the country for their knowledge, passion and friendliness. To join this elite group of volunteers, or to pursue an internship with the Museum, we invite you to explore additional information below.

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