Most Committees are chaired by a Board member, but may consist of both Board members and those from outside the Board


Executive Committee

Assures continuity of organizational decision-making between board meetings and considers major matters before they are submitted to the full board for its deliberation. Reviews the overall effectiveness of the Trust’s program in fulfilling its mission. Reviews the performance of the Executive Director at least annually. Reviews personnel policies and handbooks as needed; advises in personnel matters that may arise from time to time.

Governance and Nominating Committee

Sustains the quality of the Board through a process of recruitment, nomination, orientation, and ongoing trustee education.

Finance Committee

Reviews financial matters including monthly and quarterly reports, budget, investments and investment policy, audit, insurance, and pension. Collaborates regularly with the Development/Planned Giving and Finance Committees.

Donor Development Committee

Explores and develops strategies to ensure necessary financial resources to achieve both operating and capital funding goals of the Trust.

Collections Committee

Works with the Curator (and other staff) to review collections policies and advocates to the board the needs for continued collections development and care.

Education Committee

Works with the Education Director/ Program Staff to develop policies for educational programming and exhibition interpretation and advocates to the board the needs of the education department.

Facilities Committee

Works with the Executive Director and Facilities Manager to review current and future facility needs, conditions, and uses and to ensure the safety of the Trust’s collection, staff, volunteers and visitors.

Human Resources Committee

Responsible for creating and/or monitoring values-based systems and policies to ensure that the organization is following local, state and federal laws and certain best practices relating to its employees and creating an attractive environment for current and prospective employees.

Events Committee

Works with the Executive Director, Development & Communications Manager and other staff to oversee and plan fundraising events, exhibit openings and membership events. Core committee will bring in volunteers and temporary committee members to execute the various events as necessary.

Exhibits Committee

Works with the professional museum staff to develop and execute new exhibitions and exhibition programming for temporary and permanent exhibit spaces within the Museum.

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