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We promote learning that transcends information to focus on interaction—with history, culture, civil responsibility and one another. We tell the stories of Holland, and the region, not to dictate how our children and citizens engage the past, but to encourage them to change and build a better future.

Our programming and exhibits seek to connect people with why the history of Holland matters to them. We want patrons and guests to feel compelled to own and share those stories for themselves.

As we continue to make a difference for the community,the community supports the growth of new initiatives at the museum. It’s a reciprocal relationship we hold with gratitude.


The Holland Historical Trust is the catalyst for the dynamic interaction of the past and present that enriches the greater Holland area. By collecting, preserving and communicating what has been, the Trust focuses the power of the past to shape the future. Its educational facilities and collections are representative of a diverse heritage and are accessible to all.


To shape the future of the greater Holland area by celebrating and building on those qualities that made it thrive in the past: spirituality, work ethic, entrepreneurship, family, education, and commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Museum Sustainability

Strengthen the Museum’s infrastructure, governance and management systems in preparation for future growth.

Museum Accessibility

Ensure the Museum’s historic resources, collections, and archives are accessible to the community.

Museum Longevity

Ensure the longevity of the Museum for the community by securing stable and diverse income sources that will provide reliable, sustainable funding.

Visitor Experience

Enhance the visitor experience by developing new permanent exhibits based on the new vision and expand and diversify exhibition and program offerings to better serve our community, both in the museum and through outreach.

Community Awareness

Enrich and expand community awareness of the Museum by developing and implementing a comprehensive communications and marketing plan.

Reports & Audits

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